Who is Herman van den Bosch

Herman 3 2012 - kleinI have participated in the academic community for many years and still I do. In this period I have written a number of publications (look if you want at page ‘Written’).  Nowadays, I prefer more direct ways to communicate, like this blog.

Many things that I have done in my academic life relate to the application of science, for instance in education.  Academy still has too much of an ivory tower, but at the other hand society sometimes ignores science because knowledge sometimes is threatening vested interests.

In the recent past my interest has focussed on innovation, learning regions and smart cities. This last field of interest is related to my appointment as curator of Amsterdam Smart City. I am in favour of a socially oriented approach to smart cities. The application of technology has to be part of the solution of wicked urban problems.

Readers may expect posts about technical and workplace innovation, higher education, global development, regional problems, smart cities and more.


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